Why Does Your Business Need a Cleaning Service?

Most Kiwi’s spend 40 hours or more each week in their office environment, so keeping it clean and ensuring it’s a healthy and safe place to be is important to both staff and employer.
Some businesses may choose to rely on its employees to keep the work place clean and tidy, however, hiring professional cleaners can make a real difference and could save a business time and money, and don’t forget those intangibles!

Professional cleaners provide experience and expertise, hiring a reputable cleaning service means you can expect the highest standards of cleaning. Here’s why contracting your cleaning out could be one of the best business decisions you make.

Healthy Environment

Without professional cleaners, it can be so easy to let grime and bacteria build up. With lots of people using facilities, eating at their desks, touching surfaces and office equipment it is very easy for germs and bacteria to spread. Especially if you’re hot desking!

Did you know, for example, that the start button of the printer carries 4 times more bacteria than your pet’s food bowl at home? The amount of bacteria and germs found in an office environment can make it very easy for illnesses to spread, resulting in increased sick days taken by your team.

Get Productive

A clean and organised environment gives you freedom to concentrate on other things, if your staff aren’t spending time distracted by non-core work, they are going to be more productive – that’s what they are there for right!

Office workers will feel more productive in a clean environment, and they are also more likely to take care to keep their own personal space organised, desk clear, and documents neatly filed away.

Improved Morale

Showing your employees that you are willing to invest time and resources into hiring a professional cleaning service demonstrates a commitment to providing them with the best possible working environment. Staff who feel well cared for are more positive about coming to work and are more likely to work harder and feel a greater commitment and loyalty to their job and your business.

First Impressions Count

You can quickly tell the difference between a clean and well-kept business and one that isn’t.  You want your visitors and customers to get a great first impression. An office that has been professionally cleaned looks notably different to one that hasn’t. You want to reflect a professional organisation, and a clean, safe and healthy office will help you do that.