Stay on Top of  Your Cleaning

If you can keep on top of your regular home cleaning you will be way more up for tackling a big one! Here’s a few pointers to make it all a little less painful.


Grid your house

Visualise the space broken up into a grid, that way you don’t miss anything and won’t go over an area again unnecessarily.

In your cleaning kit

Old towels or even those old fashioned baby nappies are great as buffing rags; shining things like granite bench tops, mirrors, and windows.

Microfiber cloths are a cleaner’s best friend but prices vary widely, you may find they’re cheaper in the automotive department than the ones in the cleaning department.

Top to bottom

Do your floors last, start at the highest point and work down, that way dust and dirt isn’t landing onto anything you’ve already cleaned.

Squeegee your shower

Keep the bathroom as dry as possible to fight mildew and soap scum build-up.

Treat stains right away

Don’t leave spills until later, the longer it sits the harder it is to sort out. Treat spills as soon as.

Cooking? – start cleaning up

Don’t waste time watching that pot boil, start wiping down the bench, rinsing prep tools, and putting ingredients away.

Keep it tidy ‘til you toss it

Even doing the little things can help, like straightening a pile of magazines, fixing a stack of mail, or putting those cushions straight. It will make your space feel clean even if you don’t have time right now to de-clutter.

Home shoes

Take off shoes at the door, keep outside dirt outside. Have inside shoes or wear slippers, in the summer you can get your jandals on.

Every day

Find 15 minutes every day to tidy up, doing quick cleaning tasks will improve your mental well-being and makes big cleans much easier to tackle later.

And while you’re cleaning!

If you’re going to spend some time cleaning, get your ear phones in, find some tunes to vacuum to, or crank up the stereo – no one will mind you singing your heart out if you’re the one doing the vacuuming!!

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