Health & Safety Policy

Whitby Cleaners Limited believe that the welfare of our staff, our clients and the general public is our top priority and we are committed to a Health and Safety philosophy that reflects this.

Our belief is:

  • Accidents are preventable.
  • Safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • Health and Safety must be demonstrated by management.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to stop unsafe behaviour.
  • Learning and improving around Health and Safety is a continuous process.

We are committed to:

  • Conforming to relevant Health & Safety legislation.
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for our staff.
  • Empowering our staff to participate in the identification, elimination or control of risks and hazards.
  • Accurately recording and reporting workplace incidents and injuries.
  • Providing Health and Safety information, supervision and training where the need is identified.
  • Ensuring all staff comply with company procedures, training instructions and rules relating to Health & Safety.
  • Protecting our staff, our Clients and members of the public from exposure to harm related to our work activities.
  • Ensuring that staff present for work ready to work in a safe manner.
  • Providing our staff with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where required and that they have the requisite knowledge to use it as intended.