What Make a Great Cleaner?

Clients of cleaning companies expect great results each and every time, clients should be thrilled with the results and hopefully tell you so, along with all their family, friends, and colleagues!! Keeping those high standards up every time is crucial to maintaining repeat business.

So, what make a great cleaner?


A great cleaner makes it their mission to be consistently brilliant at each and every clean. After a while it can be tempting to get complacent and start cutting corners but your client will expect you to leave their home predictably spotless every time and a great cleaner will live up to their expectations.


Attention to detail is vital, as everybody knows there is a vast difference between something that looks clean and something that is clean. Attention to detail matters. A great cleaner is able to see things that others don’t and will always go above and beyond.


Accidents happen (apparently!), however careful you are, if you do a lot of cleaning at some point there may be an accident. it’s essential to be upfront and honest with your client so you can resolve the situation with minimum hassle and get back to what you’re great at. Open and honest communication is key.


A great cleaner should have pride, if a cleaner doesn’t take pride in their work how can they possibly do a good job?


Being punctual reflects your being organised so you work effectively and efficiently. If cleaners don’t feel they can complete their list of jobs to the required standard then be honest and discuss the time needs of the job with the client. Discerning client will value quality over cost.


As a cleaner, you’re mostly alone in someone’s home. Your clients trust you to do your job without snooping. If you do come across something sensitive, it goes without saying that the information doesn’t leave that home. A client’s privacy and the privacy of their home is to be respected.


A sense of humour helps, clients don’t want to run into a grumpy, sour faced ogre cleaning their home, so chin up, cheery smiles help give your clients the feel-good factor that will add to their appreciation of you and your work.


While you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete, cleaning is hard graft, it’s a great way to burn calories!


Q. So, are you a great cleaner, or if you’re a client of a cleaning company, what’s your cleaner like?