Environmental Policy

Whitby Cleaners Limited believe in being environmentally responsible, striving to achieve good environmental practices and operate in a sustainable manner. We aim to minimise and continually reduce our environmental impact wherever practicable.

Our belief is:

  • We can make a difference however small.
  • There are always worthy environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Being environmentally responsible should not be prohibitively expensive
  • Lead and others will follow

We are committed to:

  • Complying with the requirements of current environmental legislation.
  • Ensuring our team buy-in to our environmental policy.
  • Utilising environmentally responsible products.
  • Reviewing new products to identify their environmental impact prior to use.
  • Minimising energy usage and waste.
  • Continuous improvement with regard to being a sustainable business.
  • Minimising any negative impacts from our business on the environment and our community.