End of Tenancy Clean

The time has finally come for you to move out of your rental, maybe you’ve found the permanent home you’ve been looking for, or has your work contract or secondment come to an end? Either way handing back those keys may not be as simple as you’d anticipated!

Leaving may be the last thing on your mind when you’re moving into your rental but most leases stipulate that, before handing back the keys, you need to clean up (or risk kissing your deposit bye bye).

The last thing you probably feel like doing come time to move out is cleaning it. Like it or not you’re expected to leave it sparkling, just like it was when you moved in!

Long before you do move out (and preferably when you’re moving in) speak to your landlord to clarify the move out cleaning requirements. Check your rental agreement or lease to see what you signed up for.

Just mopping the floor and vacuuming the carpet will not do, the landlord expects you to do a thorough job of getting their rental back into shape.

Whether or not it was sparkling when you moved in, if you leave a dirty place for your landlord, they can take the cost to clean up from your deposit. You want as much of your deposit back as possible, right?

Even minor damage should addressed before handing back the keys. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Picture mount holes.
  • Scuff marks on walls and floors.
  • Scratches in wood floors.
  • Duff light bulbs.
  • Dinked appliances.

Inform the landlord of any items you can’t fix on your own, they may want to see the damage and assess whether they can repair it easily. If so, you may be off the hook. If not, expect a repair bill.

Communicating with your landlord, whether it’s about damage and repairs or vacate cleaning, it’s always better than just skipping out. Landlords are running a business and are highly unlikely to just let things go.

Cleaning not your thing? That’s why we are here!

If you can’t face cleaning, don’t have the time or you just don’t do cleaning – there’s still hope. A professional cleaning company will take your landlords cleaning checklist, do your cleaning for you, keeping your landlord happy and helping you get more of your deposit back.

Move out cleaning requirements can vary dramatically between landlords, the age of the property and on how you the renter have maintained their property.

A cleaning service should be tailored to suit your landlord’s requirements whether it’s a small CBD apartment or an idyllic country retreat.