Twas the Clean Before Christmas….

Last year around this time we did a very special clean for a very special client. We love repeat business because that means we’ve done a good job and the customer has come back for more, customer satisfaction is our middle name, well urm, actually its’ Cleaners, but you know what I mean!

So our VIP client wanted us to pop in and give their business premises a bit of a spruce up ahead of their busiest night of the year. To be honest when Gina went and did the quote (she was gone for ages!) it was a bit of a shock and the resulting job sheet would mean we would have quite a task on our hands and would need all our lovely ladies on hand to work some magic and get the job done before the big night…..I would be there too….in a supervisory role of course, Ho! Ho! Ho!

So this is what the Job sheet ended up looking like:

Whole of Premises clean (to be completed on or before midnight 24th December).


  1. Sweep out stables, apply fresh straw to hard surfaces.
  2. Clean out food bowls, replenish with fresh carrots and magic corn (to be supplied by client).
  3. Pick up droppings where appropriate.


  1. Empty recycling bins (mostly envelopes – should be less than 4.5 Million).
  2. Gather up and stack (neatly) letters for filing and archive (see 1 above for Qty).
  3. Vacuum throughout, wet mop hard floor areas where identifiable/accessible.

Production Area

  1. Dust all surfaces (client helpers to clear precious items/parcels prior to start of clean).
  2. Sweep floors, mop hard surfaces – pick up small parts/widgets/thingamabobs where identified.
  3. Collect and place left over wrapping paper in sorting bins (recycle / reuse) – advised by Client less than 2.5 Tonnes.

Rest Area

  1. Make all beds: approx. 600 but very small.
  2. Vacuum throughout, focus on cookie and candy crumbs.
  3. Refill cookie jars and restock candy canes (stock held in large storage area marked ‘Goodies’).
  4. Pick up hats – place on pegs, straighten shoes – identify any with missing bells.

Wow!, let’s hope we can get it all done in time, keeping clients happy and their premises clean is important to them and us.

We wouldn’t want this chap going out business would we!!!